Teacher Portal
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Want to keep a track on the students? Want to get rid of register and records bundle? Are you looking for a handy tool to manage your class? Scholar Analytics Advanced Student Care Teacher portal is right there to give a helping hand. This portal takes care of all the needs and unique requirements of the teachers. It empowers the teachers with a digital e-learning tool and provides them with a common gateway for attaining data and services. We provide a proper communication channel to teachers and parents to help them in actively engaging with each other to collect and share responsibility on improving the child’s overall academic performance. Take a look at our offerings: 

Lesson Plan Management

Teachers can plan and prepare their teaching schedule on weekly / daily basis, and can use the software as a handout for effective and interactive teaching.

Online Assignment

Teachers can give online assignments to students while keeping the parents updated about their ward’s academic status. Teachers can also assign home work either to a set of students or to the whole class, depending on the requirement.

Online Parent Teacher Meeting

Online PTM is an effort to reduce the rising gap between parents and teachers. With the help of the instant chat system in the software, teachers and parents can interact with each other anywhere-anytime, and can send SMS and other notifications of students’ real time information to parents at just a click of a button.

Online Test

With the help of the Teacher Portal, teachers can now easily conduct online tests and generate instant results along with a comparative analysis sheet of all the students. This not only saves teachers a lot of time in checking the answer sheets, but also allows them to track students’ performance in an efficient manner.

Record Maintenance Systems

Teachers can get rid of maintaining bundles of records and registers needed for various administrative purposes at schools. With just a single click on the Tablet PC, teachers can maintain and update the records of attendance and grades of each and every student, and can track as well as store all the SMSs and messages - sent and received.

Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard on Tablet PC allows teachers to store as well as access all the real time information of students like grade, attendance, class, section, etc. It also provides teachers with a comparative graphical chart depicting the performance of all the students in the class. This also helps them in easily identifying the week students of the class who need higher attention than the rest.

Student’s Performance Management System

The Performance Management System enables teachers to monitor the performance of each & every student in the class in terms of attendance, grade, etc. through comparative graphical analysis. The system also provides teachers with the performance trends of students that helps them in tracking how the students have performed over a specific period of time.

Time Table

This feature helps teachers in planning and managing their year round time table at school.