Student Portal
Student Portal

Scholar Analytics Advanced Student Information portal is an online tool which offers more interaction, more engagement and helps students to understand their improvement areas. We offer more trusted web based resources to millions of students to monitor their growth and improve their overall progress.

Instant Chat System

It provides an extra edge to the students as they can chat instantly with their teachers and get clarity for their doubts within few minutes. On the other hand, the teachers can give personal attention to weaker student of their class.

Upload On The Cloud

The teachers can easily share anything with their students like their notes, power point slides etc. by easily uploading it on the portal.

Comparative Analysis Solution

The online tool is meant for students to check their scores and their scope of improvement. They can check and monitor their progress subject-wise. In addition, they can easily analyze what are their weaker points and put more focus so as to improve their overall progress.

Attendance Graph

Now students can easily check their attendance week-wise, month-wise and overall.

News and Announcements

With their class and school’s activities, students can stay updated, receive news and announcements while sitting at their home.

Download & Upload Assignments

This additional facility helps students to download and upload their assignments online and submit it to their teachers at their ease. So, if you have missed classes, it is no more a problem for students.

Take Online Tests

Students can take online tests before their actual exams, check their scores and compare themselves with their own previous marks and other‘s marks so that they can prepare well for their exams.