Tablet PC based Attendance System with Regular Back up

Tablet PC based Attendance System

Tablet PC Based

Attendance system with regular backup
Records maintenance of every day’s attendance.

Detailed reports generation.

Instant extraction of historical information accurately.

Anytime/Anywhere Access to latest & upto date Attendance Data

Paperless School
Anytime/Anywhere Access
To latest & upto date Attendance Data
Track on each and every attendance notification.

Teachers can access and update student’s information 24*7.

Tablet PC basd Mchool Management Software
Parents are updated with all the real time activities of their ward.

No Need to Create/Maintain Bulky Registers

Automated E-mail or SMS Alerts For Grads
No Need
To Create/Maintain Bulky Registers
As teacher marks the attendance and grade, leading to an automatic updation and intimation.

Management can save and access information.

Grades, Fees, Performance & Asset Utilization Data at click of the button

Web based Student Performance Reporting System
At Click of a button
Grades, Fees, Performance & Asset Utilization Data at click of the button
Get grades and performance data at one click.

Get vendor’s details, records of date of purchase etc.

Intimation to the parents about fees details like date of submission, amount paid, etc.

What They're Saying
  • " We feel, we have integrated an inevitable tool for better administration."
  • " We are proud to have this feature. It is actually a great ease."
  • " For some time now, we have been looking for a similar solution and were wondering where we could get it. Thank you Scholar Analytics."
  • " This is what we were looking for."
  • " We are now more supported and in a position to answer many questions of parents."
  • " I always found making registers a hassle. Now, no more."
  • " We appreciate this software and find it user friendly."
  • " Teaching has become fun now."
  • " It is incredible to see how technology has advanced and is benefitting schools at large."
  • "I used to get messed up with so many papers on my desk and today, just one device for all. "
  • "Administration of the school is going to get more easy and quick. "
  • " We love the way technology has focused at the education sector and helped the management staff."
  • " It has been ever facilitating from the time we got Scholar. Looking forward to less time consuming management work."
  • "The team taught us on how we can use it and how beneficial it is for us. And I must say, it is interesting. "
  • " We feel all the school administrations should go for this tool and manifest it in their daily activities."
  • " Looking at so many things happening around us, it is important to know where your child is. So, definitely, this facility is a great help."
  • " I used to feel very insecure about my child. Now it is a relief."
  • "School is no more what it used to be. The activities have advanced and consume more time of our children. In that scenario, I think this feature is a great help."
  • "My son will not lie to me and hereafter, I am very sure about that."
  • "It is actually a very noble initiative and will help lot of parents just the way it did to us."
  • "We like it and will definitely recommend it to other parents."
  • "It has been easy and we are sure, this tool will go places."
  • "Features like online monitoring and attendance graphs are excellent."
  • "I and my wife are in a better position now how to track our child."
  • "We live quite far from the school, so the tool has been helpful in knowing where our daughter is."
  • "24*7 track on your child, what else can I ask for?"
  • "We not only want our child to grow and learn but also remain safe. This is it. Thank you Scholar Analytics."
  • "Checking overall academics and grades are outstanding features."
  • "Adoption of this facility is going to help a lot of parents."
  • "It has become easier to get connected with the teachers and the school administration."
  • Dewan Public School International,Meerut (School)
  • Mrs. Seema Sharma (Teacher)
  • Silver Line School,Ghaziabad (School)
  • Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur (Teacher)
  • Dewan Public School International,Meerut (School)
  • Mrs. Rohini Verma (Teacher)
  • Silver Line School,Ghaziabad (School)
  • Mr. R.K Joshi (Teacher)
  • Annie Beasant School,Meerut (School)
  • Mrs. Seema Sharma (Teacher)
  • Annie Beasant School,Meerut (School)
  • Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur (Teacher)
  • Annie Beasant School,Meerut (School)
  • Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur (Teacher)
  • Mr. Rahul Sharma (Parent)
  • Mr. Vijay Kumar (Parent)
  • Mrs. Reema Sharma (Parent)
  • Mrs. Priya Tyagi (Parent)
  • Mr. Krishna kumar (Parent)
  • Mr. Mohit Garg (Parent)
  • Mr. Arthur Das (Parent)
  • Mr. Rahul Sharma (Parent)
  • Mr. Vivek Oberoi (Parent)
  • Mrs. Reema Sharma (Parent)
  • Mr. Rahul Sharma (Parent)
  • Mr. Vivek Oberoi (Parent)
  • Mr. Mohit Garg (Parent)
  • Mr. Vivek Oberoi (Parent)
  • Mrs. Sangeeta Verma (Parent)
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